I have been holding back a long time now from addressing one of the major concerns of our people. How can I stand here and write that the non-Jew you might have fallen in love with is not your true partner and is a mistake? Well, the truth shall set us free and it is speaking the truth that my site is all about.

There are many liquids that don't mix because one of them keeps rising to the top. It is not that non-Jews are inferior. Rather, a Jew was created with extra tasks, a higher soul with the ability to fix things in the world. The partner chosen from on high is, and always will be, a fellow Jew. One’s bashert is part of their own soul and therefore must be from the same type of liquid.

When a non-Jew marries across religions, its not so crucial. But when a Jew, a person endowed with Hashem’s (G‑‑d’s) given tasks marries outside, they are suppressing themselves. Not only have they surely chosen the wrong partner, which can lead to a life of stress, but they become lost without the completion provided by their true soul mate. Their soul will always feel lacking.

If only it were easy to separate one’s emotions and see clearly. It’s important to avoid dating non-Jews to avoid this love trap that can block one’s vision for truth. People who have found themselves in serious relationships just assume that all is dandy and this friend they have picked can just convert to Judaism. Well, my friends, would that be real? To convert for a person, and not for the sake of the Torah specifically, and the Creator of the world?

One has to be a big person to say ‘No, I will not marry outside’ when their heart tells them this guy is the one. Well, he is not. The pain will pass.  Save yourself from the mistake of a lifetime in two worlds. Be patient and you will soon find your true Jewish partner.  Be patient my friend.  :)   Learn more about your roots, hold off and learn more. The error of marring the wrong partner can cause years of pain and sorrow.

People often say, ‘I didn't set out to find this non-Jew.’ Well, did you set out not to? Please be careful.  :)  Learn more about yourself and your heritage. Socialize with your fellow Jews and find yourself a mensch!!